Hola and welcome to Casa Tina’s!


Our story began sometime ago when Javier was a partner in Senor Frogs, Mazatlan, Mexico. He and his other Mexican partners (adventuresome bunch that they were) ended up with another Senor Frog’s restaurant in Coconut Grove, Miami.  About this time, I was fresh out of high school and ready to a find a place to call home. I applied for a job at  the popular Frogs and Javier (being the gentlemen that he was) pulled out my chair and immediately hired me. The attraction was instant...it seemed fate had brought these very different people together. We soon discovered that working and living together suited us fine and decided to formalize it all and tie the knot. Well, the restaurant’s popularity grew and grew and soon everyone began to notice, so did my belly! So, on April 16, 1991, I gave birth to our first child, Christian Javier Avila. 


And, although the restaurant was flourishing, we thought it best to move on and establish a more family type business. During a years worth of tiresome and tedious work (of course we had to sample many of our competitors enchiladas and margaritas and then recover from it all by spending afternoons and sunsets at the beach) we stumbled upon the Dunedin Grill and thought it the best place to set up shop! A few delightful years later god blessed us with another beautiful child, Amanda Marie Avila was born March 7, 1994 (she snuck in amongst all of the mayhem.)  So, we thought it best to forewarn you of our style of service…


Rule #1 You can drink the water… you may get sick, but you can drink it.

Rule # 2 Shout for service!!!  It sometimes get noisy and only the strong-

voiced survive.

Rule #3 If you drink the water and then shout for service, it may be too



Secondly, we would like to stress that all of our food is fresh and prepared with the finest quality ingredients. Consequently, if your order takes longer than usual, it is probably due to the fact that one of the Mexican cooks ran out to the store and stopped for a beer a long  the way. So, Javier of course ran out to find him ...and now they are both drinking happily with your dinner ingredients sitting in the sack on the bar, which brings us to…

Rule #4 Patience is a virtue.


And as many of you know the Casa Tina’s family has moved from the original spot we’ve called home for the past 16 years to our new location… immediately next-door! And... so the fun continues.


Finally, we would like to thank you for your patronage and wish you happiness in every aspect of your life. And may the Chili of Cheerfulness forever Chubby your Cheeks.


Rule #5 A little kindness will get you everywhere.




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